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Central Chillers

An industrial central chiller is a piece of equipment used to provide cooling for multiple processes. The chiller incorporates both the refrigeration circuit and controls and is installed in conjunction with a pumping system. The pumping system can be integral to the chiller but often the two items are installed separately. Central chillers are used for higher cooling capacity requirements and offer a cost effective means to cool multiple processes without requiring a single portable chiller dedicated to each process. Central chillers are also highly energy efficient utilizing special compressor technology like oil free designs. The capacity of these systems can range from 10 to 250+ tons. The chillers are typically modular and can be added to a system in the future to expand the cooling capacity.

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Central Chiller Configurations

There are two different types of central chillers: water-cooled and remote air-cooled also referred to as a split system. These types of chiller describe the type of condenser used to ultimately reject the process heat.

Central Chillers are used to support entire production facilities or large sections of facilities. They are ideal for systems that have a varying demand across the operating hours of the plant. For example, when the facility runs over the weekend, the demand is greatly reduced and the central chiller system can unload to match this demand. Then when normal operation resumes the chiller can react to meet the higher demand. This requires no infrastructure changes to the facility to accurately support this demand.

Thermal Care TC, TSE, and MX Series chillers utilize multiple types of compressors technology including variable speed, centrifugal units, as well as scroll and screw compressors. Water-cooled units incorporate cleanable shell and tube condensers.

The remote air-cooled condensers are available in a variety of configurations and designs that allow Thermal Care’s Dynamic Lift technology to reduce energy consumption. Each series use high efficiency, stainless steel brazed plate evaporators and PLC controls to provide the best available technologies for the ultimate performance and reliability in a chiller package.

No other manufacturer can offer you a larger selection of central chillers than Thermal Care. Whether you need an a water-cooled, or a remote condenser central chiller, chances are Thermal Care can design a system that provides the best solution for your particular needs considering redundancy, reliability, and energy efficiency. Having trouble deciding which type of chiller is best for you? Feel free to contact us or take a look at our page on air cooled vs. water cooled chillers.

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Industries We Keep Cool

One of the few plant systems we have had no issues with as far as reliability. It has provided very stable temperatures for our process. We were able to partially pay for the system with low interest loans from our energy company due to the significant energy savings. By going with remote air cooled chillers, we have been able to enjoy the winter time energy savings without the additional costs of air to water heat exchangers. Chris Mosher, Teel Plastics