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RQE & RQT Series Controllers

RQT Series PLC Controller

  • Premium PLC with touch screen HMI simultaneously displays up to two selection KPIs. Screens include:
    • Heat error for heater malfunction
    • Supply temperature and return temperature
    • Pump running hours
    • Power brownout
    • Control power on
    • Autostart signal present
    • Supply and temperature probe fault
    • Pump on
    • Pump overload
    • Heat on
    • Cooling On
    • Low coolant inlet pressure
    • High and low temperature limit warnings
    • High and low temperature alarms
    • Supply and return temperature probe faults
  • Seal saver
  • Pump running hours display
  • Adjustable deviation alarm time delays
  • Supply and return temperature display
  • Alarm horn and silence switch
  • Electrical phase error
  • Digital pressure 
  • Digital flow meter
  • Password protection
  • System statistics
  • Trending data
  • Modbus TCP/IP & OPC/UA communications
  • Data logs and charting
  • Recipes
  • Out of specifcation alarms


RQT Main Screen

RQT Series Trends

RQT Alarm History

RQE Series Standard Microprocessor Controller

  • Adjustable automatic air vent sequence at start-up with safety cancellation above 120°F (adjustable on premium unit)
  • Coolant supply low pressure alarm
  • Password protected operational parameters
  • Set point and process supply and return temperature displays
  • Temperature readout easily switched between °F and °C
  • Programmable high temperature safety set for 260°F
  • Thirty-minute deviation delay stops nuisance alarms at start-up and set point changes
  • Unit alarms easily reset on control panel
  • RTD temperature sensors and full PID temperature control loops provide accurate and consistent temperatures for +/- 1°F accuracy
  • High and low temperature deviation alarm tracks with set points
  • Power failure indicator warns of brown out incidence
  • Pump running hours
  • Pump seal saver sequence

Available Options

  • Remote start/stop contacts

RQE Standard Controller

RQE Series Basic PLC Controller

  • Easy to use buttons
  • Clear LCD display
  • Temperature readout easily switched between °F and °C
  • RTD temperature sensors and full PID temperature control loops
    provide precise temperatures within +/- 1 °F accuracy

RQE Basic PLC Controller