Cooling Towers & Adiabatic Fluid Coolers

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A cooling tower removes heat from a process and rejects it to the atmosphere through the process of evaporation. In a typical application, water is pumped through a process or process machinery where it removes heat. The warm water is pumped outside to the cooling tower where it is distributed over a series of plastic sheets (fill) inside the cooling tower. An electrically powered fan moves air through the tower and causes a small portion of water to evaporate which cools the rest of the water left in the cooling tower. This process operates more efficiently and provides much cooler water temperatures than simple fan-cooled air coils.

Thermal Care offers cooling towers with corrosion resistant fiberglass exteriors and internal supports that are lightweight, require low maintenance, and are designed for years of dependable service. Our FC Series Cooling towers and FT Series Cooling Towers  can withstand the harsh conditions of industrial environments much better than traditional galavanized steel cooling towers and are the smart choice for industrial cooling towers.

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