EQ Series Microprocessor Controller

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The temperature accuracy of every unit depends on its control system — Accuchiller EQ Series portable chillers come standard with a microprocessor based control system designed exclusively for Thermal Care . The panel's two large digital displays make it easy to set and read system temperatures. The entire control panel is simple to understand and operate without confusing codes or useless buttons.

Controller Features

  • Dual LED screens provide continuous digital display of the process supply and set point temperatures
  • 30 minute deviation alarm timer prevents nuisance alarms at start-up and set point changes
  • "From Process" temperature readout
  • Temperature display easily switched from °F to °C on controller
  • Alarms for no flow, high refrigerant pressure, low refrigerant pressure, freezestat, over set point, under set point, high temperature, and temperature probe fault
  • Indicating and operating lights for pump on, compressor on, partial load, power on, start, stop, alarm reset, and alarm silence
  • Alarms easy front panel alarm reset button


  • Hand held remote control panel
  • Alarm horn
  • Remote alarm contacts
  • Remote on/off contacts
  • Remote thermocouple/RTD input
  • SPI communications

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