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Which type of cooling equipment is correct for your application? Count on Thermal Care application specialists to understand your process and help you find the right chiller for your specific needs to help minimize investment and ongoing energy costs. There are several important factors to consider when selecting a brewery chiller or a chiller for a winery or distillery including brew house capacity, quantity and BBL for the fermentation tanks, quantity and BBL for the brite tanks as well as the wort cooling. Thermal Care’s brewery chillers have a high fluid flow that promotes maximum heat transfer for better product cooling and can provide temperatures from 20°F - 30°F.

Thermal Care is a leading manufacturer of industrial process cooling equipment since 1969. Our diverse line of cooling equipment includes glycol portable and central chillers, evaporative cooling towers, adiabatic fluid coolers as well as a full line of custom tank systems. Typical applications include cooling for breweries, wineries, cider mills, and spirits. Regardless of the size, we can provide you with the right chiller for your application.

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Glycol Chiller ApplicationsHow Glycol Chillers are Being Used


  • Cooling the Wort
  • Controlling Fermentation
  • Crash Cooling Vessels
  • Prepackaging
  • Product Storage
  • Fermentation Process
  • Cold Stabilization
  • Room Cooling
Cider Mills
  • Fermentation Control
  • Cold Chilling the Juice
  • Cold Storage of the Final Product
  • Fermentation Process
  • Circulation Between Distillation Tanks & Stills
  • Heat Removal

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