Industrial Chillers Vs HVAC Chillers

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Industrial process chillers designed and manufactured by Thermal Care provide customers with value added features that are may not be available or offered at an increased price from HVAC manufactured chillers.  Before deciding on a chiller manufacturer consider the following.

  • Thermal Care  process chillers have independent water and refrigeration circuits. Most HVAC chillers have independent refrigeration circuits, but not independent water circuits. If the water circuit fails on an HVAC chiller, the entire chiller is down causing the entire process to shut down. With our independent water circuits, there is a minimum 50% standby capacity built into the design for back-up purposes.
  • Thermal Care provides water manifolds with service valves for the evaporator and condenser (water cooled products) as standard. Most HVAC chillers do not have independent water circuits and require the purchase of a second chiller to meet this condition. Additionally, the installation of manifolds occurs in the field, adding more labor and material costs.
  • Thermal Care provides condenser water regulating valves (water cooled products) as standard and are pre-piped and wired at the factory. Most HVAC chillers provide condenser water regulating valves as an option to be installed in the field, adding more labor and material costs.
  • Thermal Care provides a labor warranty as standard. Most HVAC chiller manufactures provide a labor warranty at an additional cost.
  • Thermal Care provides start-up and training as standard for central chillers and pumping systems. Most HVAC chiller manufactures will provide start-up and training at an additional cost and only focus on the chiller and not the entire system.
  • Thermal Care offers central chillers at 100 tons and smaller with integral water pumping systems as part of the chiller package. Most HVAC chiller manufactures cannot provide this due to their frame design. This will add significant cost of installation and will require more footprint space.
  • Thermal Care sells directly to end users. Most HVAC chillers are sold through distributors, which adds significant cost of ownership after the warranty period due to the higher costs of spare parts.

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