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40 Ton  Air Cooled Outdoor Chiller

KSE Series industrial 40 ton outdoor air-cooled chillers feature a compact, all-in-one package designed to minimize installation cost, maximize usable space and lower electric bills. Designed for harsh outdoor environments KSE Series chillers require no options to operate within the standard -20°F to 125°F ambient environment conditions. Standard process fluid temperatures of 20°F to 80°F are ideal for industrial applications. The modular design allows up to 12 refrigeration circuits to be combined into a single system for up to 720 tons of cooling capacity.

Chillers are available with or without integrated pumping packages, including high and low pressure pumping with dedicated stand-by and built-in pressurized and non-pressured tanks.

KSE Series chillers come standard with Dynamic Lift technology to continuously calculate the lowest allowable refrigerant pressure for any combination of operating conditions for maximize chiller energy savings and stable process fluid temperatures of +/- 1°F.

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  • Model - KSEA040
  • Cooling Capacity - 40 ton (140 kW)
  • Set Point Range - 20 to 80°F  (-7 to 27°C)
  • Compressor Qty - 2
  • Pump Size - optional with integrated pumping package
  • MCA @ 460/3/60 - 89 amps
  • MOP @ 460/3/60 - 125 amps
  • Reservoir Capacity - optional with integrated pumping package
  • Shipping Weight - 2,876 lbs (1,305 kg)
  • Operating Weight - 2,976 bs (1,350 kg)
  • Dimensions - 128" l x 47" w x 79" h 

40 Ton Air Cooled Outdoor Chiller Features

  • Air cooled 40 ton outdoor chiller
  • Wide operating conditions -  Ambient Environment: -20°F to 125°F; Process Fluid Circuit: 20°F to 80°F
  • Integral air-cooled rugged microchannel condenser for class-leading efficiency
  • PLC Control System with high-resolution color touch-screen operator interface with an extensive list of operational information including compressor run hours
  • Direct drive scroll compressors for low maintenance and energy efficiency
  • Compressor staging for capacity control with optional hot gas bypass for even greater unloading capabilities
  • Compressor anti-cycle and start-up timer
  • Lead/lag compressor staging to alternate primary compressor
  • Brazed plate evaporators maximize performance and increase resistance to costly freeze-up failures
  • Standard variable-speed drive fans reduce energy usage and provide optimum part-load performance for industry-leading IPLV, all while reducing noise levels for sound-sensitive environments  
  • C-UL 508A listed and labeled control panel
  • In-line evaporator strainers assure full evaporator performance
  • Single point connection for electric hookup at control cabinet
  • Electronic expansion valves
  • Liquid line solenoid valves to extend compressor life
  • Refrigerant sight glasses
  • Liquid line filter driers with removable cores
  • High and low refrigerant pressure switches
  • Alarm horn with silence button
  • 3-phase power monitoring and safety protection
  • EPA approved low GWP R-454B refrigerant or energy efficient R-410A refrigerant

Available Options

  • High and low pressure pumping with dedicated stand-by pump for quick and easy installation
  • Rotary non-fused disconnect for quick and safe main power disconnect
  • Hot-gas bypass minimum load capacity control
  • 5 year compressor parts warranty
  • Expert field start-up provided by qualified service personnel
  • CONNEX 4.0 for system-wide control

About KSE Series Air Cooled Outdoor Chillers

Thermal Care designs, manufactures, and tests 40 ton outdoor air cooled chillers in Niles, Illinois, USA. These industrial grade chillers are manufactured to meet the nationally recognized C-UL requirements. KSEA040 ton chillers are designed for outdoor environments to conserve valuable plant floor space and can be located either on the roof or on the side of the building.

The 40 ton model KSEA040 is a packaged, compact air cooled water chiller and includes direct drive scroll compressors using EPA approved low GWP R-454B refrigerant or energy efficient R-410A refrigerant. KSEA040 chillers use two main heat exchangers: one that absorbs the heat from the process (evaporator) and one that removes the heat from the chiller (condenser). This eliminates the need for any support systems such as a cooling tower system for water-cooled chillers or interconnecting refrigeration piping for remote air-cooled systems. All KSE chillers use stainless steel brazed evaporators to resist corrosion. The chiller comes standard with PLC controls and a large color touch screen to provide advanced diagnostics and precise temperature control. The control panel is prewired to include all motor starters and requires a single-point electrical connection.