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Thermal Care is a manufacturer of industrial portable chillers and central chillers for the laser industry. Whether it is for Yag lasers, CO2 lasers, or fiber lasers, Thermal Care laser chillers are the correct choice. When it comes to precise temperature control for your resonator and optics, Thermal Care has a complete line of industrial laser chillers to meet your rigorous demands.

If you are looking for durable and reliable portable chillers for an individual laser Thermal Care has models that meet the requirements. If your facility is using multiple portable chillers, Thermal Care can provide a central chiller system that will reduce the electricity usage, maintenance costs, and heat generated within your facility. Contact us for a chiller selection or a free system consultation.

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Have you considered the benefits of using an Air-Cooled Central Chiller ?

Download a free energy usage chart on the advantages and potential benefits of using an energy efficient TC Series air-cooled central chiller in your laser application as compared to using multiple portable laser chillers.

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Chillers for Laser Cooling

Dual Zone Chillers

  • NQV seriesLow watt density heater for optics circuit
  • Fail-safe flow switch in main circuit and optics circuit
  • Check valves installed to prevent backflow from laser during shutdown
  • Automatic and manual optics loop air purge
  • Remote alarm signals for communication with laser
  • Conductivity sensor designed to activate the alarm circuit when conductivity reaches 60 microsiemens

Single Zone Portable Chillers

  • NQPrecise temperature control for a single cooling loop
  • Cooling range from 3 kW to 140 kW (1 ton to 40 tons)
  • Operating range 20°F to 80°F
  • Nonferrous water circuit construction
  • Energy efficient and reliable scroll compressor
  • R407C and R410A “ozone friendly” refrigerant designs
  • Customizable to meet your specific requirements

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Central Chillers

  • TC-seriesMulti-stage centrifugal compressors significantly reduces energy usage
  • Reduces costs by eliminating multiple portable chillers that require maintenance and repair
  • Reduces floor space requirements 
  • Air cooled and water cooled designs
  • Cooling range from 210 kW to 1900 kW (60 tons to 540 tons) 

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