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With today’s increasingly tight tolerance requirements it is becoming essential to maintain workpiece, spindle and/or machine element temperatures constant. Whether it be grinding, honing, milling, drilling or gun drilling, look to the experts at Thermal Care to meet your needs. With units which can adjust coolant temperatures to track ambient temperature, machine base temperature, another reference or a fixed set point, there is a Thermal Care chiller for your application. Even complex part machining requiring high pressure chip removal systems are no problem.

Configured to cool water soluble coolant directly or oil coolants indirectly, Thermal Care coolant systems will provide accurate trouble-free service for many years. In addition we can provide water/ glycol spindle chillers having the same high temperature tolerance features as our coolant systems. Whether you need a stand alone chiller system or an integrated chiller system to handle multiple machines Thermal Care has a chiller system for you.

Call our experts today to see how Thermal Care can solve your coolant temperature control problems.

Want to save money? Consider an air cooled chiller vs a water cooled chiller.

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Chillers for Machine Tool Applications

Portable Chillers


  • Capable of maintaining 50°F to 90°F coolant temperature
  • Direct cooling of water soluble coolants
  • Bag filters for a variety of micron levels
  • Ambient tracking or set point control available
  • Available in sizes from 1 ton to 40 tons
  • Includes integral nonferrous water/coolant pumping system
  • Available in water cooled, air cooled outdoor and remote air cooled condensers
  • Can be easily moved from one machine tool to another if necessary

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TCCentral Chillers

  • Capable of maintaining 50°F central water temperature
  • Available in sizes from 20 tons to 300 tons
  • Linked to individual machines via heat exchanger packages
  • Selected and designed for each customer's requirements and facilities
  • Select models available with integral water pumping system
  • Available in water cooled, air cooled outdoor and remote air cooled condensers
  • Available in "dry" type or adiabatic assisted configurations

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Heat Exchanger Packages

  • heat-exchangerAvailable for water soluble or oil based coolant
  • Ambient tracking and modulating valve control systems available
  • Inlet/Outlet pressure and temperature gauges standard
  • Brazed plate or plate and frame exchangers available with variety of gasket types
  • Cleanable type exchanger for difficult conditions such as carbide grinding

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Drop-in Chiller Coil Combo

  • drop-in chiller coilLower cost alternative to integrated drop-in chiller design
  • Coil designed according to capacity – special lengths not required
  • Minimizes contamination potential of coolant
  • Closer temperature tolerance possible with control valve
  • Chiller can be mounted anywhere and relocated as needed
  • Easy coil replacement independent of chiller
  • Flexibility of multiple machines per chiller
  • Avoid forced chiller/machine dedication
  • Easy maintenance with floor mounted chiller



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