RQE Series Microprocessor Controller

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standard control panel

Standard Controller
Provides a wide array of operational and diagnostic information that is easy to access, view and operate. Unit alarms are easily reset on the control panel. 

premium controller

Premium Controller
Includes all the features of the standard controller plus an added level of system monitoring and control for more specialized applications. 

basic control panel

Basic Controller
Designed for applications that require basic operation at a great price. 

Premium and Standard Controller Features

  • Adjustable automatic air vent sequence at start-up with safety cancellation above 120°F (adjustable on premium unit)
  • Coolant supply low pressure alarm
  • Password protected operational parameters
  • Set point and process supply and return temperature displays
  • Temperature readout easily switched between °F and °C
  • Programmable high temperature safety set for 260°F
  • Thirty-minute deviation delay stops nuisance alarms at start-up and set point changes
  • Unit alarms easily reset on control panel
  • RTD temperature sensors and full PID temperature control loops provide accurate and consistent temperatures for +/- 1°F accuracy
  • High and low temperature deviation alarm tracks with set points
  • Power failure indicator warns of brown out incidence
  • Pump running hours
  • Pump seal saver sequence
  • Remote heat/cool interface*
  • Heat error diagnostics*
  • Loss of phase/phase reversal/phase imbalance alarm*

Premium and Standard Controller Options

  • Remote start/stop contacts
  • Hand held remote*
  • SPI or ModBus RTU communication port*
  • Process flow display*

*premium unit only

Basic Controller Features 

  • Easy to use buttons
  • Clear LCD display
  • Temperature readout easily switched between °F and °C
  • RTD temperature sensors and full PID temperature control loops
    provide precise temperatures within +/- 1 °F accuracy

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