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Botanical Oil Extraction Chillers and Temperature Control 

Whether you use Supercritical or Subcritical Carbon Dioxide, Ethanol, or Hydrocarbon solvents to extract the oil for your Industrial Botanical Oil Extraction process, precise temperature control is an essential part of achieving the desired final product.

A trusted name for over 50 years, Thermal Care is a leading manufacturer of industrial process heating and cooling equipment and systems in over 50 different industries. We are experts in industrial oil extraction chillers of all sorts including hemp chillers.

Cannabis & CBD Chillers 

Whether processing for natural flavorings, fragrance, cannabis, or hemp, accurate and reliable temperature control in Extraction, Winterization and Short Path Distillation processes, maintaining precise setpoint temperatures is necessary to produce high-quality essential oils. Our Industrial Oil Extraction Chillers, including the Thermal Care Aquatherm Temperature Control Units and Accuchiller Series Chillers provide precise temperature control of +/-1°F circulating fluids at -18°C through 287°C (0°F to 550°F). 

Count on Thermal Care application specialists to understand your process while working with your scientists and engineers to help find the right chiller or temperature control unit for your specific need while minimizing your investment.  Energy efficiency is achieved by utilizing a combination of advanced controls and variable speed compressor technology to help minimize ongoing energy costs.

Whether your end results are natural flavorings, fragrance, cannabidiol (CBD) or cannabinol (CBN), Thermal Care is the industry expert for your industrial process heating and cooling needs. Thermal Care equipment and systems are proudly manufactured in the USA.

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Packaged Chillers

  • 1 ton to 40 ton capacities
  • -18°C to 27°C (0°F to 80°F)
  • Nonferrous water circuit construction
  • Energy-efficient and reliable VFD scroll compressor
  • R407C and R410A "ozone friendly" refrigerant designs
  • Air cooled and water cooled designs
  • Split systems and outdoor duty options

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Central Chillers

  • -18°C to 27°C (0°F to 80°F)
  • R407C, R410A and R407C "ozone friendly" refrigerant designs
  • Air cooled and water cooled designs
  • Energy-efficient and reliable Centrifugal Central Chillers use revolutionary, frictionless, magnetic bearing Turbocor compressors
  • 20 ton to 800 ton capacities
  • Split systems and outdoor duty options

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Temperature Control Units for Industrial Oil ExtractionTemperature Control Units

  • -18°C to 287°C (0°F to 550°F)
  • Water and oil units
  • Heating capacities to 250 kw
  • Single and multi-zone configurations

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Pump Reservoir for Oil ExtractionPumping Systems

  • Stainless steel and fiberglass reservoirs
  • Custom design tanks available
  • PLC control with color touch screen HMI
  • 200 gallon to 6,000 gallon capacities
  • Outdoor duty optional

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Evaporative Cooling Tower for Oil ExtractionEvaporative Cooling Towers

  • 38 ton to 240 ton capacities
  • Configurations up to 1,000 tons
  • Fiberglass construction of tower casing and basin
  • 100% nonferrous construction provides corrosion resistance for long life
  • Premium TEAO direct drive fan motor with double sealed, permanently lubricated motor bearings require no motor maintenance

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Adiabatic Cooling for Oil ExtractionAdiabatic Cooling

  • Use much less water than conventional cooling tower systems
  • Can provide 29°C (85°F) water year-round
  • In cooler weather, units can provide "free cooling"
  • Closed-loop so there is no need to replace evaporated process water
  • City water is introduced into the adiabatic pads decreasing the ambient air temperature
  • Advanced water-saving control technology carefully monitors ambient maximum adiabatic cooling without wasting water

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