Packaged Outdoor Air Cooled Chiller

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An industrial packaged, outdoor air cooled chiller provides cooling for single or multiple processes and is located outside of the manufacturing facility. The chiller incorporates the refrigeration circuit and PLC in one package and requires a pumping system.  The pumping system can be integral to the chiller but often the two items are installed separately with the pumping system located indoors. When floor space inside a facility is unavailable, these chillers provide a perfect alternative that still meet the cooling requirements. Installation and operation is simple due to the packaged design with easy future expansion up to 12 circuits, to match expanding cooling demand.

Packaged, outdoor chillers use air-cooled condensers to ultimately reject the process heat.  These condensers utilize surrounding ambient air to provide cooling for the system.  This eliminates the need for any support systems such as a cooling tower system for water-cooled chillers or interconnecting refrigeration piping for remote air-cooled systems.

Packaged, outdoor chillers can be used to support entire production facilities or large sections of facilities. Units incorporate multiple refrigeration circuits and often redundant process fluid circuits as well. This design is beneficial for two reasons. First, it provides redundant protection for operation in the event of service or maintenance. Second, it allows the chiller to closely match the cooling demand of the system with multiple stages of unloading to optimize energy efficiency. Outdoor chillers are ideal for systems that have a varying demand across the operating hours of the plant. For example, when the facility runs over the weekend, the demand is greatly reduced and the central chiller system can unload to match this demand. Then when normal operation resumes the chiller can react to meet the higher demand.  This requires no infrastructure changes to the facility to accurately support this demand.

No other manufacturer offers you a more robust, energy efficient and flexible design than Thermal Care. When your floor space in the facility is at a premium, Thermal Care can design a system that provides the best solution for your particular needs considering redundancy, reliability, and energy efficiency.



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