Packaged Pump Skids

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Packaged Pump Skid

Which type of cooling equipment is correct for your application? With over 50 years of process cooling manufacturing and system design experience, count on Thermal Care’s application specialists to understand your process and help you find the right equipment for your specific needs to help minimize investment and energy costs.

We offer standard and custom engineered pump skids built with the highest quality components and features available. Standard, full-sized pump trim, extended pump suctions legs, and solid steel decking under pumps and our advanced PLC control system are just some of the value-added features incorporated into every system. Our selection of pumps, pre-wired controls, and alarms, plus complete engineering support from system design to plant layout drawings, assure you of the correct system for your application.

The pictures below depict some recent packaged pump skid engineered solutions from Thermal Care.

Heat exchanger / chiller system used for cooling high viscosity fluids such as oil

Heat exchanger /chiller system used for cooling high viscosity fluids such as oil

Pumping system with dual pumps

Pumping system with dual pumps, discharge filter strainers, pump VFD, and PLC control system

Closed-loop pumping system with suction diffuser

Closed-loop pumping system with a suction diffuser, expansion tank, dual pumps, and PLC control system


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PLC Control System
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A powerful PLC control systems allows for single point operation of chilling and tower systems.

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