Plant Wide Systems

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As one of the largest providers of heat transfer cooling solutions in the United States, Thermal Care’s expertise is in the design of plant wide cooling systems. A system typically is comprised of a central chiller, tank, cooling tower and other components such as a heat exchanger, water treatment, filtration, variable frequency drive, and/or 3 way valves. A system can be used for a single process or multiple plant wide applications.

We are there for you through every step of the process

  • To properly design a cooling system the first step is to meet with a Thermal Care Sales Engineer to fully understand the application, determine the load and identify the optimal equipment.
  • A comprehensive quotation with proposed schematics of how the equipment will be used in the process is generated.
  • Once an order is received, the Thermal Care Systems Project Manager takes over. He will handle all aspects of the job from order write-up to start-up to ensure all runs smoothly. He will provide the customer with a complete project documentation packet including mechanical, control, electrical and system drawings of all equipment. He will also coordinate shipping dates with customer installation requirements and answer any questions that contractors might have as they prepare for installation.
  • Once shipped, the Systems Project Manager gives the project to the Thermal Care Customer Service Department to coordinate the installation schedule and customer desired start-up.
  • While not unique to systems, our ability to respond to service questions as they come up with our knowledgeable service staff and provide same day shipment of parts due to our extensive inventory over 95% of the time is an ongoing benefit of working with Thermal Care .

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