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Answer these few questions, and we will be able to tell you how much cooling your process requires.Your tonnage calculation will allow you to start planning for equipment, costs and space—the first step to finding the chiller that is right for you.

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  • Get expert advice and analysis from our team of sales engineers to select the right equipment for your heat transfer needs.
  • Minimize downtime with around-the-clock support from our experienced help staff.
  • Got a problem? We resolve most issues during the first phone call and can have replacement parts at your door within 24 hours.

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  • Choose from a complete range of equipment, including portables and central chillers, cooling towers, pumping systems and temperature control units.
  • Equip your chiller with controls and features customized to your process.
  • Shrink your footprint with Thermal Care ’s environmentally friendly chillers.
  • Get greater performance and efficiency from our programmable controllers and advanced refrigeration design.

The most satisfied customers

"Our Thermal Care chiller is trouble-free and requires very little maintenance. In nearly three years, the only item we have replaced is a process pump seal. The remote access is fantastic for troubleshooting, and knowing that Thermal Care regularly monitors the system to ensure proper operation provides peace of mind."
– Wayne Huerth, President, Tuf-Tite

"The chiller’s energy efficiency is fantastic! It offers us the flexibility to run one machine or the entire plant. The closed loop system is clean and environmentally safe."
– Carl Krysiak, Executive Director, Normandy Products

"Our Thermal Care chiller has provided very stable temperatures for our process. We were able to partially pay for the system with low-interest loans from our energy company because of the significant energy savings."
– Chris Mosher, Plant Engineer, Teel Plastics

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