TSE PLC Control System

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Operation Display

The PLC controls, monitors and maintains stable and reliable operation of the chiller. A durable display screen provides all operational information in easy-to-understand English. Over 70 different operational display screens can be accessed on the color touch-screen HMI; providing an uncomplicated view of chiller operation, including time stamped faults or alarms, and compressor and pump run hours.

Under partial load conditions, automatic compressor sequencing evenly distributes running hours among all compressors in the system.


  • Color touch LCD screen display with English text of chiller operation for quick and easy monitoring of the control system.
  • Expandable multiple chiller control of up to six chillers in a common chilled water system with over 1,000 tons of chilling capacity.
  • Compressor protection technology provides start-to-start anti-recycle compressor control logic that limits compressor cycling under low-loads to extend compressor life.
  • Automatic compressor sequencing records and displays individual compressor running hours and automatically distributes run time among all compressors in the system.





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