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An industrial Portable or Packaged Water Chiller refers to a unique design configuration of a self-contained chiller system that combines all necessary components including – the refrigeration circuit, controls and electrics, process pump and reservoir all within a single unit. Most often a Portable Packaged Chiller has a small footprint, is mobile and is located near the process being cooled. The capacity of these units usually range from 1 to 40 tons of cooling.

There are three different types of Portable Packaged Chillers: air-cooled, water-cooled or remote condenser also referred to as a split system. These three types of chiller systems refer to the type of condenser used to ultimately reject the process heat.

Portable Packaged Chillers are useful for small process loads or where special process fluids, flows, pressures or temperatures are required. They also are ideal for test applications and for temporary use.

Thermal Care EQ and NQ series portable packaged chillers utilize scroll compressors, microchannel condensers, low noise fans, stainless steel brazed plate evaporators and PLC controls to provide the best available technologies for the ultimate performance and reliability in a chiller package.

No other manufacturer can offer you a larger selection of portable / packaged chillers than Thermal Care. Whether you need an air-cooled portable chiller, a water-cooled portable chiller, or a remote condenser portable chiller, chances are there is an economical Accuchiller that meets your exact requirements.

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