TC Series PLC Control System

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Operation Display

Powerful, integrated control for TC Series Central Chillers, the Panasonic controller combines a controller, operation interface, I/O and networking capability into one seamless solution. Clear language text display and graphic representation of unit components allow for quick and easy understanding of unit operation. Users can view system conditions, input operating parameters and make control adjustments from a single interface point. (For complete details on the controller functions and fault monitoring see TC specifications.)

Powerful PLC Control System

  • Monitors, controls, and maintains stable and reliable operation of the chiller through use of an extensive array of sensors, actuators, relays, switches, and control algorithms.
  • Use of multiple temperature control loops ensures consistent reliability, stability, and efficient operation by instantly registering and reacting to fluctuations in system loads.
  • Predictive control loop designed to keep the system operational under low load or batch loading conditions typical of industrial chilling systems. This control logic monitors changes in the process load and attempts to keep the system from shutting off compressors by unloading the compressors as needed to prevent high/low refrigerant pressure or high motor current conditions that would shut down typical chillers with simple pressure and current switches. This ensures the system maximizes the ability of the compressors to provide full capacity the moment it is required without having to run through a compressor anti-recycle timer and without causing an alarm condition other chillers would have under similar conditions.
  • Durable 7 inch color touchscreen (HMI) with Ethernet provides an extensive amount of system diagnostic and operational information as well as a comprehensive list of safeties, alarms, and faults. Faults are time and date-stamped and are viewable at any time with a simple touch of the display.

Control Panel Display

  • Active fault popup screen including history and frequency of faults
  • Actual kW usage
  • Ambient temperature display
  • Condenser Water inlet temperature
  • Evaporator water inlet temperature
  • Evaporator water outlet temperature
  • Process water set point temperature

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