Temperature Controllers

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A temperature controller is a piece of equipment used to maintain a designated temperature. A temperature controller can operate at elevated temperatures to either heat or cool a system as needed. The units incorporate a pump, heater, cooling valve and PID controller. Temperature controllers are available with a variety of configurations using a wide range of pump (3/4 hp to 10 hp), heater (9 kW to 48 kW) and valve (1/4 in to 1 in) sizes. The experts at Thermal Care will help you select the required configuration to best match the needs of your system.

Temperature control units are categorized into three main groups: water units, oil units, and vacuum units. Water units use water as the process fluid. These are by far the most common and have the most variety of available configurations. Thermal Care RQE series water units are mostly limited in their application by the allowable upper temperature requirement for the system. When this temperature is exceeded, Thermal Care RO series oil units are chosen because of the much higher temperatures they can accommodate. Finally, Thermal Care RV series vacuum units or negative pressure units are designed with an adjustable vacuum level to provide the exact amount necessary to stop a leak without drawing air into the circuit.

Thermal Care has a large selection of temperature controllers to cover nearly any application requirement. Our experts can determine the right configuration to provide the best possible solution for the requirements of your system.

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