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"Thermal Care is a great partner for all of our customers chiller needs. We supply high quality and high technology resistance welding machines and a reliable chiller is a fundamental part of the process, so our final customers are always looking for a chiller of the same level. With Thermal Care we found this partner, not only for the quality and competitive price, but also a supplier we can trust and rely on."

- Christian Kloeckner, Ideal Welding Systems L.P.★★★★★

"When you are looking for a chiller for your unique Resistance welding project, look no further than Thermal Care. This is a high quality product that is made here at home in the USA. They offer customized chillers to suit your exact needs, and great service to keep you running. Thats why at Clifford North America & AWT Machinery we partner with Thermal Care."

- Scott Liebenberg, AWT Machinery★★★★★

"One of the few plant systems we have had no issues with as far as reliability. It has provided very stable temperatures for our process. We were able to partially pay for the system with low interest loans from our energy company due to the significant energy savings. By going with remote air cooled chillers, we have been able to enjoy the winter time energy savings without the additional costs of air to water heat exchangers."

- Chris Mosher, Teel Plastics★★★★★

"The chiller's energy efficiency is fantastic! It offers us the flexibility to run one machine or the entire plant. The closed loop system is clean and environmentally safe. It is a true central system."

- Carl Krysiak, Normandy Products★★★★★

"We have had a significant savings of better than 30% using the TC chiller. Based on the energy savings, we have also received a tax credit and power credit for its purchase."

- Dan Shook, PakTech★★★★★

"The TC Series chiller is trouble free and requires very little maintenance. In nearly 3 years, the only item that we have replaced is a process pump seal. The Turbocor compressor remains faultless and literally untouched for nearly 3 years. The remote access is fantastic for troubleshooting and provides a peace of mind during extreme weather conditions knowing that Thermal Care regularly monitors the system to ensure proper operation. There are absolutely some efficiencies with the system. On cold days we’ve seen as few as one of 16 fans running on the outside condensing units and the Turbocor compressors run at half speed in the winter months."

- Wayne Huerth, Tuf-Tite★★★★★

"I really enjoyed working with your field service technician as it's nice to have such a knowledgeable and personable service engineer come to one of my customers and leave with everything functioning and in order. In addition, the time he spent with the Phoenix personnel and the training he performed was exceptional!! I had a meeting with maintenance and engineering after he left and they wanted to make sure you knew that they were very impressed with his training and appreciated all his time and patience."

- Bill Loeffler, ABC Plastics Technology Group, LLC★★★★★

"Our cooling towers, an integral part of the manufacturing process, required replacement and upgrade after more than twenty-five years in service. The new Thermal Care towers have not only increased the cooling capacity in the same footprint as the previous towers, but are already providing energy and water savings. We are excited about converting from lower efficiency, steel towers to American-made, energy-efficient, minimal-maintenance towers with better capacity and lower water consumption. As we grow at a double digit pace, we know this investment in the Thermal Care towers will improve our ability to serve our customers."

- Lowell Allen, Sr. VP of Manufacturing at The Rodon Group★★★★★

"The company's two new Husky machines, 1100-ton high-speed molding presses, will focus on Intertech's container business. The chiller is a Thermal Care dual TCW140 and TCW70 (140 and 70 tons) Centrifugal Central Chiller . Nakari noted that it is expandable and fully plumbed for an additional TCW70 if capacity increases down the road. Of particular interest to Intertech, was the system's "Free Cool" design and variable frequency drives for scalable capacity on all pump motors, for both tower and chiller loops, as well as variable frequency drives on the cooling tower fans."

- Intertech Plastics, Inc.★★★★★

"This unit will consume less than half of the energy than the unit it replaced," Nakari said. "It's providing our molds with more stable cooling, which translates to less manufacturing variability and better process quality. Plus it gives us the ability to expand as we add additional presses in the future." Nakari said Intertech believes it will save approximately $40,000 in energy costs as a result of this investment."

- Tim Nakari, Intertech Plastics Inc. (Taken From Plastics News Today) ★★★★★

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