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Products From 1- 240 Ton Chillers TSEW 160 Ton Water Cooled Chiller - Dual Circuit

160 Ton Water Cooled Central Chiller - Dual Circuit

The compact size of the TSE industrial 160 ton central chiller minimizes floor space; while its modular design allows up to 12 refrigeration circuits to be combined into a single system for over 1,000 tons of cooling capacity. The chiller's innovative high flow design assures consistent process leaving water temperatures from 20°F to 80°F and as low as 5°F differential across the process.

TSE Series chillers now come standard with Dynamic Lift Technology to continuously calculate the lowest allowable refrigerant pressure for any combination of operating conditions for maximize chiller energy savings and more stable and smooth control of refrigerant pressure, especially under varying load and condenser inlet temperatures.

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  • Model - TSEW160D - Dual Circuit
  • Cooling Capacity - 171 ton (601 kW)
  • Set Point Range - 20 to 80°F  (-7 to 27°C)
  • Compressor Circuit 1 - 2 qty; Compressor Circuit 2 - 2 qty
  • Pump Size - optional with reservoir
  • MCA @ 460/3/60 - 311 amps
  • MOP @ 460/3/60 -350 amps
  • Reservoir Capacity - optional
  • Shipping Weight - 4,736 lbs (2,148 kg)
  • Operating Weight - 4,916 lbs (2,230 kg)
  • Dimensions - 120" l x 54" w x 68" h 

160 Ton Water Cooled Chiller - Dual Circuit Features

  • Water cooled 160 ton central chiller - dual circuit
  • PLC Control System with high-resolution color touch-screen operator interface with an extensive list of operational information including compressor run hours
  • Brazed plate evaporators maximize performance and increase resistance to costly freeze-up failures
  • Compressor staging for capacity control with optional hot gas bypass for even greater unloading capabilities
  • Scroll compressors last longer, increase efficiency and lower operating costs
  • C-UL 508A listed and labeled control panel
  • Compressor anti-cycle and start-up timer
  • Lead/lag switch to alternate primary compressor
  • In-line evaporator strainers assure full evaporator performance
  • Condenser water regulating valve keeps refrigerant pressure constant
  • Single point connection for electric hookup at control cabinet
  • Cleanable frame mounted water-cooled condensers with removable heads
  • Electronic expansion valves
  • Liquid line solenoid valves to extend compressor life
  • Refrigerant sight glasses
  • Liquid line filter driers with removable cores
  • High and low refrigerant pressure switches
  • Alarm horn with silence button
  • 3-phase power monitoring and safety protection
  • Environmentally friendly and energy efficient R410A refrigerant

Available Options

  • 3-phase power monitoring and safety protection
  • Rotary non-fused disconnect for quick and safe main power disconnect
  • Hot-gas bypass minimum load capacity control
  • 5 year compressor parts warranty
  • Expert field start-up provided by qualified service personnel
  • CONNEX 4.0 for system-wide control