Vactherm RV Temperature Control Units

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Vactherm RV Series Positive/Negative Pressure Temperature Controller

Vactherm RV Series positive/negative temperature controllers eliminate downtime caused by a coolant leak in the mold or process water circuit. The unique design of the Vactherm allows the vacuum level to be adjusted to the exact amount necessary to stop the leakage, without drawing air into the water circuit. This provides better temperature control at lower flow rates than competitive designs. Plus units can run as nonferrous temperature controllers even when no leak is present. 


  • 9 kW, 2 HP
  • Automatic water make-up system for easy reservoir filling
  • Stainless steel 2 HP centrifugal pump protects against corrosion
  • Built-in heat exchanger isolates the cooling source water from the mold water during cooling cycles
  • Vacuum adjusting valve to eliminates leaks without pulling air into the mold
  • Dual low watt density, stainless steel sheathed heater elements provide long life and built-in standby
  • Insulated 4.5 gallon stainless steel reservoir assures temperature stability and air separation
  • Easy-to-read digital readout of "To Process" and "Set Point" temperatures
  • 24 hour/7 day programmable timer for automatic start/stop operation
  • Inlet strainer protects unit from debris in water
  • Premium quality solenoid valves for automatic filling of tank and to regulate cooling in stainless steel heat exchanger
  • Adjustable temperature deviation indicator (with audible alarm and silencer) permits user to set customized operating parameters
  • Easily removable top/side panels make it simple to access interior components
  • Four swivel casters make unit easy to move


  • Compound pressure/vacuum gauge and tee
12 month parts warranty

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