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HFCG Adiabatic Fluid Coolers Offer Significant Savings

If you're looking to reduce energy use, cut operating costs or provide clean water for your process cooling system consider using an HFCG Adiabatic Fluid Cooler from Thermal Care for significant savings.

Most fluid coolers are closed–loop heat exchangers that cool process water using ambient air. HFCG units employ a unique adiabatic design that can provide leaving water temperatures in ranges similar to those achieved with conventional evaporative cooling tower systems year-round.

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Reduce Operating Costs

HFCG adiabatic fluid coolers can operate at a fraction of the cost of a conventional cooling tower system. Units operate as air-to-water heat exchangers and use a number of variable speed fans as dictated by your process cooling requirements.

During much of the year and in warm weather climates, units can provide leaving water temperatures similar to using evaporative cooling towers. 

Reduce Energy Consumption

Used on hot weather days, our adiabatic system decreases the air temperature as it enters the unit and results in lower leaving water temperatures when compared to those achieved by a fluid cooler using dry incoming air.

You can run process water temperatures low enough using only an HFCG unit that it may actually be possible to operate your equipment without the use of additional central chilling units – that’s like getting your process cooling for free.

Reduce Water Consumption

Less water is used for process cooling than with conventional evaporative cooling tower systems. Units are closed-loop so there is no need to replace evaporated process water. Using less water preserves a valuable natural resource. Plus, process water remains clean and uncontaminated – without the need to treat for water scale or bacteria.

Reduce Maintenance

No chemicals to add or frequent cleaning of tower basins required like with other cooling systems. Units operates 24/7 with a minimum of maintenance or repair.

Easy to Install

HFCG adiabatic fluid coolers are designed for outdoor use. Airflow through the unit is maximized while the footprint of each unit is minimized. Modular and easy to install, additional units can be added when there is a need to expand cooling capacity.


  • Use much less water than conventional cooling tower systems
  • Can provide 85°F water year-round
  • In cooler weather, units can provide "free cooling"
  • Closed-loop so there is no need to replace evaporated process water
  • City water is introduced into the adiabatic pads, decreasing the ambient air temperature
  • Advanced water-saving control technology, carefully monitors ambient maximum adiabatic cooling without wasting water