FT 38 to 120 Ton Fiberglass Cooling Towers

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FT Series Fiberglass Cooling Tower

38 to 120 Ton

These lightweight fiberglass cooling towers are designed for long life and low maintenance at a competitive price. FT Series towers are of a counter flow design, carefully engineered with the optimum combination of heat transfer media, uniform air flow and even water distribution. They provide maximum air/water contact and low air pressure drop to assure efficient heat transfer while minimizing power requirements to save on operating costs.

FT Series Cooling Tower Features

  • Sizes from 38 to 120 tons
  • Rugged FRP shell resists corrosion and harsh weather conditions
  • FRP water basin with integral sump and mounting feet for easy cleaning and low cost installation
  • 360° air intake eliminates tower position problems due to prevailing winds or nearby structures
  • PVC fill is designed for maximum air/water contact for efficient heat transfer
  • Self-rotating sprinkler system with non-clog openings for long service life
  • Cast aluminum or polypropylene direct drive fan has no belts or pulleys to align or replace
  • Totally enclosed fan motor is designed for outdoor operation - stands up to severe service duty
  • FRP inlet louvers won't corrode and are easy to attach for basin cleaning and fill inspection
  • Galvanized motor mounts and discharge grille resist corrosion, never need painting. Grille promotes safety and prevents entry of debris.
  • Convenient inspection port for ease of sprinkler head checks, preventive maintenance, and flow observation
  • Stainless steel fasteners resist corrosion
  • Access ladder makes it easy to reach the fan and motor (60 tons and larger)

FT Series Cooling Tower Options

  • Mechanical float valve
  • Electrical basin heater package
  • Structural steel support base and leg package
  • Stainless steel sprinkler head
  • Equalization connection
  • Weatherproof thermostat
  • Equalization connection allows serveral tower basins to be connected


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  • Ten year parts warranty on tower shell
  • 12 month parts warranty on all other components

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