Heat Exchangers & Accessories

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Heat Exchangers & Accessories

Thermal Care is proud to offer plate and frame heat exchangers as accessories to our full line of chillers, cooling towers, and adiabatic and dry coolers. We offer straightforward accessory upgrades for safety, efficiency, easier maintenance, and lower cost operation over time for your cooling system's long-life cycles. 

Thermal Care’s diverse line of cooling equipment includes refrigerated industrial portable and central chillers, evaporative cooling towersadiabatic and dry coolers as well as a full line of custom tank systems that can be equipped with plate and frame heat exchangers to isolate your Quenchant from the coolant. Applications include induction units, vacuum furnaces, batch quench and continuous quench cooling.

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Heat Exchanger Accessories Benefits & Features

  • Thermal Care plate and frame heat exchangers can be incorporated into a cooling tower system to isolate contaminated tower water from clean process water while still providing the low cost benefits of a cooling tower system.
  • Heat transfer equipment on a closed-loop system reduces cleaning and maintenance costs associated with operating several heat exchangers throughout the facility.
  • Factory-mounted heat transfer equipment, such as heat exchangers, include full connecting trim from pumps saving considerable installation time and costs

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