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Accuchiller NQV with Variable Speed Scroll Compressors

5 to 30 ton

Same great features as the NQ Series portable chiller with the addition of an optional variable speed compressor for significant energy savings!

Available from 5 to 30 ton

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A conventional portable chiller uses a compressor running at a continuous speed, also known as a fixed speed compressor. Regardless of the requirements placed on it by the process load, the compressor speed remains at 100%. Fixed speed chillers employ a “hot gas bypass” to maintain the demand on the compressor to avoid wide fluctuations in the coolant temperature delivered to the process for consistent output.

NQV Variable Speed Chillers with advanced NQ Series PLC Controllers are at the technological forefront of the process cooling industry. The controller constantly monitors the heat load and adjusts the compressor speed for peak efficiency and temperature control and eliminates the need for hot gas bypass. By automatically adjusting the compressor speed, the chiller works only as hard as necessary to provide optimum performance with significantly reduced power use. Studies have shown that a 20% reduction in motor speed can lead to a 51% energy savings.


Easy-to-Operate Control Panel Options

Each NQ Series portable chiller comes standard with a large 7 inch color touch screen and PLC controls with extensive monitoring and control capabilities.

The optional, more advanced Premium Control comes with expanded diagnostic and communication capabilities. The Premium Control is standard on all NQV Series portable chillers.

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PLC controls with extensive monitoring and control capabilities

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Variable Speed Compressor Payback (Years)

Compared to a typical chiller with a fixed speed compressor, a NQV chiller with a variable speed compressor provides major power savings at partial loads. This is particularly important in process applications which run varying loads that rarely use full capacity of the chiller. Variable speed scroll compressor technology varies the compressor speed to match the process load. This means the compressor slows down under part load conditions for peak performance and reduced power use. 5, 10, and 15 ton units use one variable-speed compressor. A 20 ton unit uses a 10 ton variable-speed and a 10 ton fixed-speed compressor and a 30 ton unit uses a 15 ton variable-speed and 15 ton fixed-speed compressor.

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