Water Treatment Systems

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Simple solutions for curbing the naturally occurring problems in cooling system water. Engineered to provide control of scale, suspended solids and microbiological growth in cooling tower water. Thermal Care 's  water treatment systems are designed to be efficient, compact, flexible, and easy-to-operate. The TWC Series incorporates all necessary facets of a cooling tower or central chiller treatment system on a single, space-saving panel. System information is displayed on a LCD screen in one of four languages.

TWC Series Water Treatment System Features

Scale control

Continous monitoring of tower water conductivity in direct proportion to the concentration of dissolved solids. Once the conductivity level exceeds the predetermined limit, the bleed-off valve opens to purge dirty, scale-producing water from the system.

Microbiological growth control

A powerful microbiocide is automatically added at timed intervals for maximum effectiveness to kill all algae-producing bacteria, assuring total system cleanliness, for hands-off, healthy control.

Corrosion control

Advanced corrosion inhibitors are added in direct proportion to the volume of make-up water to protect all metals in the tower system, minimize maintenance and eliminate downtime due to corrosion related failures.

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