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NQ Series Controller

Each NQ Series portable chiller comes standard with a large 7 inch color touch screen user interface and use a PLC controller to provide useful information on operation, monitoring, diagnostic and trending data.

The optional, more advanced Premium Control, comes with expanded diagnostic and communication capabilities. The Premium Control is standard on all NQV Series portable chillers.


 Display Parameters

  • Process fluid supply and return temperatures
  • Evaporator fluid leaving temperature
  • Process fluid supply pressure
  • Compressor running hours
  • Pump running hours
  • Condenser fan running hours
  • Refrigerant suction pressure

Alarms and Warnings

  • High process fluid temperature
  • Low process fluid temperature
  • Evaporator fluid freeze
  • Evaporator fluid flow
  • Refrigerant high pressure
  • Refrigerant low pressure
  • Compressor overload
  • Pump overload
  • Condenser fan overload
  • Reservoir low level

Communications and Remote Interfaces

  • Process fluid supply temperature (0-10 VDC)
  • Remote start/stop
  • Alarm contact
  • CONNEX4.0 ready
  • Modbus RTU

Optional Premium Control Features (standard on NQV Series Portable Chillers)

(Standard on NQV Series Portable Chillers)

For applications that require more advanced system monitoring and/or require additional types of communications options the Premium Control provides more robust control features.

In addition to the standard control features, the Premium Control adds monitoring of:

  • Refrigerant suction temperature and superheat
  • Refrigerant liquid temperature and subcooling
  • Refrigeration discharge pressure
  • Refrigerant discharge temperature

 In addition to the standard control Modus RTU communications, the Premium Control adds:

  • Modbus TCP/IP
  • BACnet MS/TP (optional in place of Modbus RTU)
  • BACnet/IP (optional in place of Modbus TCP/IP)

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