NQ Series Microprocessor Controller

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Easy-to-Operate Control Panel

Each control system comes with a large, user-friendly operator interface that provides a wide array of operational and diagnostic information. No more cryptic codes or confusing instruction manuals. The control panel is easy to access, view and operate. Plus, the entire panel is sealed to protect the controller from dirt or fluid contamination.

NQ accuchiller control panel

Standard Controller
Includes 19 operational and diagnostic lights and includes a unique four-plug wiring design for easy replacement of the entire control board in minutes.

nq accuchiller premium controller

Premium Controller
Panasonic PLC with touch screen interface for enhanced diagnostic and operational display capabilities

Controller Features

  • Set point and process supply and return temperature displays
  • Unit alarms easily reset on control panel
  • Password protected operational parameters
  • 5 minute compressor cycling delay (start-to-start) prevents excessive compressor cycling
  • RTD temperature sensors and full PID temperature control loops provide accurate and consistent temperatures for +/- 1°F accuracy
  • Start-to-start anti-cycle timer prevents short-cycling of compressor while minimizing unnecessary off periods
  • Temperature readout easily switched from °F to °C
  • Display of compressor and pump running hours helps with scheduling routine maintenance
  • Loss of phase/phase reversal/phase imbalance alarm
  • Pump test button allows for quick and easy pump rotation check from the main control panel
  • Master reset function to restore factory default settings
  • Adjustable deviation alarm timer delay to prevent nuisance alarms during start-up
  • Temperature deviation warnings provide an adjustable deviation set point to indicate abnormal operation of chiller or process equipment without shutting down the chiller
  • Temperature deviation alarms provide critical condition shut down of the chiller to protect against equipment damage
  • Autostart signal capability provides outputs from the control board to allow for remote on/off contacts to remotely start and stop the chiller
  • Return water temperature display for quick monitoring from the control panel
  • Reservoir low level alarm and cut-off safety shuts down if there is not enough water
  • High and low supply temperature deviation warnings and alarms
  • Tank critical low level alarm
  • Loss of flow alarm
  • Freezestat alarm
  • Pump motor overload alarm
  • Refrigeration high pressure and low pressure alarms
  • Supply and return temperature sensor fault alarms
  • Freezestat sensor fault alarm


  • Refrigeration pressure transducers with sensor fault alarms*
  • Set point ambient tracking or remote control*
  • Hand-held, remote control operator panel
  • SPI** or ModBus RTU communication port

*premium unit only
**standard unit only

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